A Look Into American Society of Animal Science Student Benefits

This month we’re exploring the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) student benefits. This professional organization is especially relevant to students looking to explore opportunities and networks available outside of academia.

The ASAS is a membership organization comprised of Animal Science professionals, scientists, academics and researchers. The ASAS “fosters the discovery, sharing and application of scientific knowledge concerning the responsible use of animals to enhance human life and well-being.” Students who are interested in enrolling in the Animal Science online programs at NC State may find comfort in knowing that this organization is in place to help facilitate and nurture careers and advancements in the realm of Animal Science.

Students who are pursuing an online undergraduate certificate or graduate degree in Animal Science are eligible for membership to ASAS and may receive many benefits to help them immediately in their education. Student memberships include access to numerous animal sciences journals and publications, reduced registration costs for conferences and events held by the ASAS, access to regular workshops, subscription to ASAS’s biweekly newsletter and webinar programming, eligibility for travel and society awards, and maybe most importantly, access to the ASAS Career Center.

Graduate students in particular will receive extra benefits as members of the ASAS. These benefits include specific graduate student programs at all sectional, national and international meetings, scholarships for travel for conferences and events, access to the graduate student blog called the ASAS Graduate BULLetin, which students are invited to contribute to, opportunities for leadership positions on the sectional and national board and access to graduate student-specific career opportunities.

Students who worry that distance education may not provide the support and sense of community that on-campus education fosters will benefit from the opportunities presented by the ASAS that ensure they feel part of something great in the world of animal science.

You can also use the ASAS as a resource for information on the types of available career opportunities there are for animal science academics and professionals. Students who may not be aware of the full range of employment that will be available to them upon receiving an undergraduate certificate or graduate degree can learn more about how the online programs can lead to greater opportunities. You may also use the ASAS website as a means to help you choose which online program is right for you.

Students in the NC State Online Animal Science programs should take comfort that the department places importance on creating a learning environment that is rigorous and comprehensive, but also sets students up for a lifetime of personal and professional success. The American Society of Animal Sciences can further help students in their educational endeavors and beyond.