Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Nutrition

shutterstock_74604100The Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Nutrition provides students the opportunity to gain recognition for learning the basics of animal nutrition at the undergraduate level. Students who successfully complete the required courses will learn about livestock, horse, and companion animal nutrition. The foundation provided by the Certificate program increases students’ eligibility for careers with an animal nutrition component, such as feed sales and manufacturing, animal management, pet store operations, and more.

The four required courses can be completed on-campus in Raleigh, online via Online and Distance Education, or in combination. This flexibility allows students enrolled in the program to move at their own pace, on their own schedule. The University Certificate in Animal Nutrition is administered by the Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator for the Department of Animal Science.
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Undergraduate NC State University students currently majoring or minoring in Animal Science are not eligible to receive the Certificate. Students pursuing university Certificate programs are considered non-degree studies (NDS) students for the purpose of university registration. NDS students may register for a maximum of six credit hours per semester. Thus, the certificate may take two to four semesters to complete.

Students must earn a minimum C grade (2.0 or higher) for each of the four required courses in order to earn the Certificate.

Interested persons may be admitted to the Certificate program after enrolling in the first course that will be used to fulfill the Certificate requirements. To learn more about enrolling, visit our Apply Page, or contact Dr. Shannon Pratt Phillips, Program Coordinator.

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Visit NC State’s Undergraduate Online and Distance Education Tuition rates page for detailed information about undergraduate tuition and fees.

The total Online Undergraduate Certificate in Animal Nutrition cost estimate (North Carolina residents) for 2015-2016 is $2,712.12 for all 12 hours of coursework.

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office. We encourage you to contact your financial aid adviser in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Criteria for funding is based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, and enrollment in multiple Online and Distance Education courses per semester. For additional information, please visit NC State’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid web site, or call (919) 515-2421. NC State also offers a monthly payment plan.

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Curriculum (12 hours)

The following required courses (12 credit hours) must be completed to earn the Certificate. To learn more about each course option, click the course number. This list is indicative of online and distance education options only; additional course options may be available for students completing all or part of the Certificate requirements on-campus.

  • Your choice (one) of the following options (3 credit hours):
    • ANS 105 – Introduction to Companion Animals
    • ANS 110 – Introduction to Equine Science
    • ANS 150 – Introduction to Animal Science
  • Your choice (one) of the following options (3 credit hours):
    • ANS 225 – Principles of Animal Nutrition
    • ANS 230 – Nutrition of Domestic Animals
  • Your choice (one) of the following options (3 credit hours):
  • ANS/NTR/PO 415 – Comparative Nutrition (3 credit hours)

Upon successful completion of the certificate requirements, the Registration & Records Office will update the student’s transcript and mail the Certificate.

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Program Coordinator

Dr. Shannon Pratt Phillips

Associate Professor
Department of Animal Science
Polk Hall 259, Campus Box 7621
NC State University Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695
Phone: (919) 513-1117
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